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Welcome to Rainbow Sports Complex


Rainbow Sports Complex works diligently with Stanislaus County East Side Mosquito Abatement and a professional pest control service to maintain the mosquitos year-round. We advise that you use mosquito repellent before your games and reapply as needed. We offer free mosquito repellent at our concessions stand for those who need it. Please spray yourself outside and return the repellent to the counter after use. Thank you, Rainbow Sports Complex Management.  

The Academy

League Baseball


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Rainbow Sports Complex is now open for field rentals!


League Rules 

Field: Bases 50 ft. Double base at first.   Pitcher will take position at the pitcher’s mound (45’ from home plate)  Ball must travel 15 feet to be fair (a chalk line from foul line to foul line will mark the 15’ area)

Equipment: T-Adjustable. Batting helmets: Provided by players at parents discretion.
Ball: Incrediball type soft baseball


  1. Game will be 4 innings or 60 minutes, no new inning after 55 minutes.
  2. Every player hits off of the batting tee, there will be no pitching (a player will remain at bat until they hit the ball and put it in play).
  3.  No walks or strikeouts
  4. All players play on defense, 5 players for the infield, extra players can be placed in the outfield
  5. All players will bat on offense and the inning will conclude when the last batter has batted
  6. Rotate batting order so a different player is the last batter each inning
  7. When on Defense 2 coaches may be on the field
  8. When on Offense a coach will be allowed at every base and at home plate with the batter.
  9. Ball must travel 15 feet when hit to be fair
  10. No extra base hits, players may advance 1 base when the ball is put in play.
  11. No stealing, players stay on base until ball is batted
  12. All outs will be force outs, if an out is made, that player will leave the field.
  13. The pitcher will start on the pitching rubber.
  14. No sandals will be permitted. All Defensive players need to have a glove/mitt.