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Rainbow Sports Complex Rules and Policies

-No outside food, cans or glass bottles allowed in the park! If you bought it somewhere else, please enjoy it somewhere else. If seen by our staff, you will be asked to remove or dispose of items. 

-There is NO SMOKING allowed inside the complex. We have a container located out front of the entrance gates for disposing of butts.

-No pets, skates, skateboards, or scooters, or remote-controlled toys. Pets are not allowed on leash, in cages, in baskets, or in laps.

-Only 1 ice chest per team for WATER ONLY. (No personal ice chestsTeam ice chests must be checked in at the gate.

-No soliciting or selling on Rainbow Sports Complex property.

-No hitting against or into fences/nets

-No playing catch between the clubhouse & academy buildings, or on any black top.

-Fastpitch Softball Teams and Youth Baseball League Teams are limited to three free coaches; sign in at the table located at the entrance and/or at the admissions gate.

-Special reminders-

-If you know someone that usually travels with their dog, PLEASE, for the safety of their pet, and their own peace of mind, tell them about our rules and policies in advance.

-Although Motor Home parking is permitted in Rainbow's parking lot, vehicles should not take up more space than is needed for parking. All motor home/RV parking must be against the west fence of the parking lot. No Motor Home parking next to the outfield fences or in middle the parking spaces.

-Lock your vehicles.

-Do not leave valuables in vehiclesEspecially purses & backpacks!

-Although we try to observe the comings and goings in our parking lot, it is not secure. Please report any suspicious activity to the office.

-Please help to keep our complex clean and dispose of your trash in the trash cans.

-Playground area is unsupervised. Play at your own risk. Parent supervision is recommended.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rainbow Sports Complex